ARC Readers

Welcome! Readers at every stage of a manuscript are important, and just before the finish line is no exception. I'd like to invite readers who share a passion for science fiction to join my launch team. It's an opportunity to preview an Advance Release Copy (ARC) of my current novel releasing, prior to publication. As a reader of an advanced copy, you play a pivotal role in the launch of a new work. Join my team to receive a free ARC of my books when they are two weeks prior to release.

The ARC for Worlds Apart has ended, and the book has officially launched into the world! Worlds Apart is a narrative of resilience, change, confrontation and hard truths. My story is set on an Earth where immortals and humans have grappled with a fragile coexistence for centuries. My protagonist, Riva Dorn, is a untested Colony Manager facing the remnants of a bioweapon meant to end an immortal threat that may never have been real. As a mortal waking from a century in stasis, she navigates a changed world in a society of immortals who are thriving. Riva must face new challenges: what does humanity mean in a world where immortality is the new reality?  This novel has four point-of-view characters: two immortals, two mortals - all of whom have complex emotional arcs.

A little about me as a writer: I'm an intricate world-builder. Worlds that I have loved are from authors like Justin Cronin, Octaiva E. Butler, Sheri S. Tepper and Issac Asimov to name a very few. If this resonates with you, then stay put!

The Fine Print: What to Expect

As part of my Launch Team you can expect an email two weeks before the launch with a download link to your ARC copy of the novel. One week prior to launch, you'll receive an email with several links where you can leave an early review of the book if you would like. I'll send you an email on launch day, too. I really appreciate feedback about the book, especially all the early beta reader feedback, which was invaluable. Thank you to all for helping to spread the word about Worlds Apart to your friends and/or social media connections.

The ARC Covenant

Let's keep this fun! Here's a bit of housekeeping to keep us all on the same page.

  1. The Secret Keeper's Vow: Your ARC is a sacred text. Keep it close and share not with others.
  2. The Window of Time: Download your ARC during the designated period. Once closed, like the passage of Halley's Comet, it won't return. 
  3. The Reviewer's Choice: Reviews are to be freely given – if the spirit moves you, share your honest and heartfelt thoughts.
  4. The Eagle-Eye: Spotted a typo or hiccup? Whisper it to us – no need for public proclamations.
  5. The Keeper of Tales: Guard the story's twists like Riva guards her secrets. No spoilers, please.
  6. The Voice of the Market: Social media reviews are wonderful; reviews help the book's journey across the universe.

How to Join the Launch Team:

Feel the call? Apply here and let's get that book to you!

** Please note: You must use the same email you signed up with for the ARC, or you won't be able to download the novel at BookFunnel.
Please contact me if you have any problems. Happy to troubleshoot!