The Storms of Change

Waking Up

The Immortal Rising world is one of humanity on the brink of something new. A startling biological event is at the core of this world’s origin story: accidental immortality.

The book’s world opens to a point in humanity’s story, not unlike anyone waking up to the age in which they were born. Universal truths apply to us all and yet, paradoxically, we don’t fully grasp this in the present moment.

The spectacle of our group consciousness works itself out in each new generation, each coming to their own conclusion about the rules of existence. And today, humans grapple with challenges previously inconceivable to our ancestors: bioethics, bioterrorism, artificial intelligence, privacy, and automation. Our world is changing at the speed of science.

Making Meaning

Where does this leave us? If history is any guide – and it often is – we tell each other stories and seek meaning. We learn. For what else is there to do? Each iteration of our humanity yearns for collective advancement. We share our visions for the future and our hope for humankind. Why? The answers are as complex and varied as we are.

Inner worlds are a tricky thing. Some are dreamscape, others a nightmarish reflection of what is yet to be manifested. Both realities hold truth. Forces beyond individual or collective play out with or without the world’s permission, sometimes affecting us all. The tyranny of time’s arrow marches on, beating to the pulse of progress.

Yet in our stillest moments, it’s we, as passengers and witnesses, that are awakened to the possibilities of both the finite and the infinite in our potential. We make choices and sometimes they are brutal. Unfair. Life-altering. We work it out in dreams. And sometimes waking nightmares.

Building a Vision

As resilient beings, we can die a thousand metaphorical deaths and then believe there’s more to come. To be human is to permit to our circumstances to become the vehicle for change. That’s when we see our vision is already a shared one; it is our survival. We want to feel. To love. Belong. And story can transport us to our higher selves.

When we feel this, the space between our vision and our reality comes alive with the potential for the human spirit to rise. It is in this space we know our ending has not yet been written. It is in this space we see multiple possibilities for our beginnings and our endings.

Writing the soul’s story is an act of love, and love is the ultimate journey. But love’s story cannot fully actualize until the layers which obscure its expression voice their truth. For our own healing is not the end of the tale; for humankind’s reckoning is not a solo story. We can tend our collective shadow’s inner monologue of strife until we are ready to tell a more tender tale. When we jump inside another, we can see the shadow of ourselves more clearly.

At last, we end where we began: making visions real amid the unreal, and striving forward together.

Join me.

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