Accidental immortality... but not for everyone.

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Immortal Rising

The dawn of the twenty-first century brought with it a quantum leap in computing. Alongside this digital revolution, rapid biological innovations to extend life became commonplace. It was inevitable the two technologies should meet, although the pairing would be problematic from the start. The resulting metamorphosis would ripple through time in ways humankind could not predict, but perhaps were entirely predictable.

What happens when a biological accident, with world-wide effects, alters human DNA?

In the world of Immortal Rising, the result is a radical change to offspring born during that year's birth cycle: golden eyes. But decades later, these adult children's bodies have failed to age. It took a generation to notice, but the impact of golden-eyed children had an unexpected effect: it began as a slow ripple, leaving in its wake a string of social consequences that ravaged the globe. Even more complicated was what happened next.

Our protagonist, Riva Dorn, has traveled a long road herself. Life began as a sheltered ward of the Northern Alliance, only to have her journey take her to the influential Area 31, headquarters of Earth's powerful Northern Alliance. She gradually awakens to a brutal reality: her decisions will affect the destiny of a world in chaos.

Come inside the world of Immortal Rising to explore an imagined scenario in our distant, shared future! Join Riva Dorn as she must unearth hidden truths to discover an unthinkable plan. It’s time to rise or fall as she risks everything to unite a divided humanity, still worlds apart.

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The Plot

Accidental immortality... but not for everyone.

In earth year 2255, an unforeseen event creates a strange new breed of gold-eyed humans who stop aging. Fear leads to violence, tearing society apart.

When the powerful commander of the Northern Alliance recruits colony ward Riva Dorn, it’s a dream come true. A castaway child from birth, she’s eager to leave her past at Children’s Colony 17 behind. But times are tumultuous, and she soon finds herself an uneasy participant in a deadly plan designed to rid the world of the DNA altered humans.

One hundred years later, Riva awakens from hibernation to a mission failure. The immortal-specific pathogen has failed to disburse. Now, there’s a thriving immortal population above ground occupying her former city. And her city is ground zero for the biological agent.

But for Riva, one question’s answer remains elusive: are the immortals truly a threat to humankind? A chance meeting with a mysterious immortal leads to even more questions as a deadly deception unfolds. When her commander’s vision for the future takes an even darker turn, time runs out.

Can Riva separate truth from deception? Must she take up arms against her own commander to prevent a genocide? Ultimately, Riva must choose whom to believe: a commander who saved her from a life as a ward of the alliance, or her new immortal friend who tells a different story.  

Can two human variants learn to live in peace, 
or will genetic differences pull their worlds apart again?

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